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07:55:36 AM Nov 2nd 2013
  • In Attack of the Clones, Obi-wan happens to land at the same part of Kamino where the Prime Minister is (considering that this Kaminoan structure is relatively small, whereas the clone army they have produced is hundreds of thousands if not millions strong, it seems ridiculously implausible that this is where the entire population of Kamino lives).

This just seems like nitpicking. "just so happens to land where the Prime Minister is"? The Prime Minister is a public figure. It's not like he'd be hiding. And Tipoca City is the capital of a planet where it's main business is selling clones. It would make sense that Obi Wan would head there where the largest cloning facilities would be, and not some pissant small town or some place without civilization.

Obi Wan and the Kaminoans have access to advanced technology, and neither one is trying to hide. Him being able to track this place down shouldn't be any more surprising than finding how to get to the White House using Google Maps.
06:06:46 PM Dec 19th 2012
It is fairly easily justifiable and Traveller often does that. It can be either:

A. A new colony or outpost in a widely scattered empire or Federation. There is no rule that says that a whole planet will be populated at once just because an ambitious Gallactic Conqueror wants it to be in the future.

B. There is plenty of stuff on the planet. The adventurers just didn't visit it. Why should they?
05:18:39 PM Oct 28th 2011
Okay this is two tropes mashed together. Even the description can be easily split in half. We need to split this into Planetville and Planet of the Week.
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