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03:01:16 PM Aug 1st 2013
Is there a trope for a character acting loopy as a result of blood loss?
12:25:08 PM Dec 6th 2013
Not that I'm aware of. Closest I can find is I'm Cold... So Cold....

You may want to go to Lost and Found or YKTTW.
01:59:15 AM Aug 15th 2011
The current image is sort of... graphically challenged, although it does do its justice. However, I have come across another image that might convey the trope slightly better. I don't know how to change the image, but... Any thoughts?
07:46:50 AM Aug 15th 2011
If I'm not mistaken, the current image was the result of an Image Pickin' thread. You should probably take your sugestion there to have it compared.
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