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08:05:42 PM Feb 11th 2016
When and where was it decided to make this a YMMV trope?

Should we cut/move any non-YMMV uses?
02:36:40 AM Feb 13th 2016
Why would we move or cut them at all?
12:17:50 AM Feb 15th 2016
Last I checked, this was not a YMMV trope, so we would have to remove it from the non-YMMV pages.

When was this made YMMV? Was such clean up already done?
06:21:36 AM Jun 26th 2015
Some of the Video Game examples seem more like Tier-Induced Scrappies.
08:06:36 AM Jan 16th 2014
Under Comic Books, we have this:

  • Jessica Jones of the comic Alias (not an adaptation of the TV show) is a private investigator who has super strength, super durability and can fly. So why doesn't she become a superhero? Well actually she retired from being a superhero: you see, she lives in the Marvel Universe...yeah...

    • Case in point: she quit being a superhero after enduring eight months of horrifying Mind Rape at the hands of the Purple Man and being beaten into a coma by the Avengers (who would have likely killed her if Ms. Marvel hadn't recognized her) after she attacked them under the Mind Control of the former...only to find at the end of the ordeal that during all this time no one noticed she was missing.

That's all quite interesting, but what does any of it have to do with being overshadowed by more awesome characters? I don't see how this "example" is relevant to the trope.
12:04:17 AM Mar 2nd 2014
No one has offered a justification for it, so I'm deleting the example.
02:32:07 PM Apr 28th 2014
How is the justification not in the item? The character in question has powers that make her a miniature Superman, yet no one in the Marvel Superhero Community noticed or gave a damn that she was gone. The entire run of the book itself is a commentary on the abundance of superheroes in the Marvel Universe, and how that makes life difficult for the average and not so super supers. Jessica Jones has powers, but she just isn't very good at being a superhero, and the MU is such that merely being bulletproof, or super strong, or able to fly, isn't a good enough reason to get the key to the city: In the MU there's 10 people in any given city block who can lift a skyscraper with their pinky. This also means that cape killers have gotten better at what they do: being able to lift 5 tons doesn't mean much against villains who regularly face down the Hulk.

This is pretty much the definition of overshadowed by awesome: if Jessica Jones were here, in the real world, she'd probably be worshipped as a goddess, and countries would be killing each other to get her on their team, as a weapon of last resort, similar to what Dr. Manhattan was in Watchmen. In the MU, she's barely an also-ran superhero, to the point where she has to take a day job to make ends meet and do any good. I'm reinstating the above: this is just an example of people deleting stuff to delete it.
03:05:15 PM Apr 28th 2014
Well, it's more an example of people deleting stuff because the example didn't say why it was an example.
01:43:56 PM Mar 25th 2011
Considering he was the former trope namer, shouldn't Krillin be used as the page image? I'm pretty sure Dragonball Z is even more well known that Naruto.
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