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05:34:30 AM Jan 23rd 2013
Would the image count as JAFAAC?
08:02:32 AM Jan 23rd 2013
Quite possibly. Feel free to make an Image Pickin' thread about it, particularly if you can think of a better suggestion or another frame that could give context to the current image.
08:40:24 AM Jan 23rd 2013
Yeah, to really work for this you'd have to show it's Out of Genre.

Maybe showing a character in one Genre of clothing doing something with hospital attire over it, or perhaps a series of pictures showing the same characters in doing various random genre tasks (maybe a bunch of stills from the Supernatural episode, Changing Channels? It covers so many genres in one episode that it seems like a good fit).
08:10:59 AM Oct 19th 2010
I'm guessing this trope used to refer specifically to medical drama scenes, because a lot of the examples just mention any scene of a character receiving medical attention.
08:34:52 PM Oct 26th 2010
edited by AP
It certainly seems that way. The House of Healing chapter in the Lord of the Rings wasn't that long and didn't get into too much detail about the medicine used. Doesn't help that the chapter focuses more on the budding romance of two main characters than with any medical practices being used... which were all fantasy-based anyway.
09:32:22 AM Apr 23rd 2011
What about episode in a TV series that place the character in the middle of a western, or a gangster movie or whatever? For example, Star Trek does this all the time with time travel or holodeck malfunctions? Even Mc Guyver had a western episode in the form of a dream.
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