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06:23:30 AM Nov 19th 2013
Troper Wanderwolf amended this entry:

Unfortunately, he/she didn't follow Repair, Don't Respond, instead he/she added this:

  • Not so much Everyone Is Gay as a choose-your-own-adventure story written by random people on the Internet. Considering both Poe's Law and Sturgeon's Law are in full effect, this is not so much a reassurance as a caution sign...

which also broke indentation. Betting on Wanderwolf being right in his/her assertion, I edited the entry to read like this:

  • What do you get if you mix this trope with a choose-your-own-adventure story written by random people on the Internet? You get the werewolves at Choose Your Own Change! Warning: May not be sfw since it is a Fetish Fuel station (registration required). Both Poe's Law and Sturgeon's Law are in full effect.

If anyone else is familiar with cyoc (I'm not) and know this change is wrong, please re-write the entry.

06:28:59 AM Mar 3rd 2013
"Porphyria is also thought to be a potential source of the actual werewolf mythology, due to the fact that nails and teeth redden and people affected also have photophobia, which means they can only be out at night."

Part of the 'potential' is because porphyria can also cause purple urine, a symptom that doesn't show up much in descriptions of 'werewolves' in RL, even though looking at (and otherwise sampling) urine was a major diagnostic tool for centuries,
08:56:15 PM Feb 20th 2012
edited by PrincessofEllabur
Jacob black from Twlight can not be a true werewolf since were wolves can not be born They have to be bitten? Lupin from HP is a real werewolf. Jacob black is more of animagius and Metomorphia from HP then an real were-wolf since in the 3rd HP game the Transfiguration teacher says "Werewolves can not choose when to become wolves." Jacob CAN choose when to be come a wolf." Does anyone realize that JACOB DOES NOT NEED A FULL moon?. Jacob is a shape-shifter..that is a totally different thing that a were-wolf."
06:49:23 PM Mar 8th 2011
Does this example really need to be so honkin' long?

"The Whateley Universe features all kinds of characters who could be considered 'weres' of some kind or other. The 'regular' ones were created by the Sidhe in ancient times to serve as warriors in the fight against the Great Old Ones; their community near Whateley Academy (which is in fact built on their tribal territory) includes feline weres and at least one werebear in addition to plain old werewolves, and there are others scattered at least over the US. They are capable of infecting humans and most mutants by way of a quick-acting magical virus transmitted by biting, but this isn't currently common practice. At the school, one might also run into Harry Wolfe a.k.a. Techwolf, who's basically a wolf-man due to a family curse, or Bloodwolf, who's about as easy to get along with as his name indicates and seems to be getting his powers from some kind of wolf spirit. A secondary character living at Hawthorn Cottage is actually a wolf who turns into a human. There's the supervillain Lycanthros, who looks kind of caveman-ish normally, and can turn into a massive werewolf when he wants; he wears a bunch of pelts that might be wolves or maybe even werewolves, so he may fall into the 'deal with the devil' category of mythology...and finally (for now) we have the creatures nicknamed 'Voodoo Wolves' or more generally 'Voodoo Weres', who are part-regular were, part-Eldritch Abomination, serve somebody who goes by the meaningful title 'The Bastard', and can actually infect 'normal' weres and transform them into their own kind."
06:18:56 AM Feb 17th 2011
All Lycans Are Wolves has a good idea too it (giving non-wolf therianthropes their own page), but it was gone about so poorly that I have to bring at least some discussion of it here.

First of all, the title is crap. Largely because the word Lycan is derived from Lycanthrope which is greek—the word Lycos in the combination coming from the word for WOLF. The trope is literally called "All Wolves are Wolves" when is should be about beings who turn into animals besides Wolves.

But do you think we have enough examples for this to work? Outside world mythologies, I can only think of Night Watch were-tiger and Beorn from The Hobbit. I'm sure there are others but would a split from this page be justifiable?
07:58:18 AM Feb 17th 2011
Hmm, how about "All Weres Are Wolves"?
08:09:03 PM Aug 21st 2011
The issue of Non-Wolf Were creatures has been addressed on a Trope Repair Discussion and has been launched as Our Werebeasts Are Different.
09:05:12 PM May 28th 2010
...if a person is born on the 24th of December... they are werewolves.

Whoa! Stephanie Meyer is a werewolf? That's so... coincidental.
09:38:15 PM May 6th 2012
I read the people bron on 24th of December WON'T become werewolves.
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