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02:35:42 PM Oct 22nd 2011
edited by LoserTakesAll
Changed this:

  • An episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation centered around the dangers of warp travel in high traffic areas due to adverse environmental effects. That's right, warp travel is environmentally unfriendly, in space. Early in TNG, warp travel was said to erode the fabric of space-time with the risk of catastrophic Negative Space Wedgies emerging as a result, but later episodes Hand Wave the issue with the explanation that this issue has been fixed.

to this:

  • An episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation centered around the dangers of warp travel in high traffic areas leading to the erosion of the fabric of space-time, causing catastrophic Negative Space Wedgies and, potentially, worse. As a result, the Federation places a Warp 5 speed limit on their ships except in cases of emergency, which the Klingon Empire agrees to (other factions aren't accounted for).

Because (1) the episode where the problem came up was in the show's last season (not "early in TNG"), (2) while the original comment was correct that worrying about doing "environmental" damage in space - which has no environment - would be silly, the problem wasp travel was allegedly causing was damage to the fabric of reality, which presumably does extend into space, and (3) the problem was never handwaved onscreen. It came late enough in the show's run that it rarely even came up for the remaining episodes, and since the solution was just a speed limit that only the Federation and Klingons were said to agree to, it could be assumed that any time a ship was explicitly stated to be going faster than Warp 5, they met whatever guidelines were in place for declaring their trip "an emergency."
07:32:10 PM Jun 19th 2010
Needs more Mass Effect.
06:35:48 PM Jul 7th 2013
IIRC this trope has not been stated to be in effect with Mass Effect. Closest thing they've got is not using matter/antimatter thrusters where there's people close enough to be incinerated by them.
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