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10:38:25 AM Jul 4th 2017
Anyone considering putting an image on the page?
07:07:23 PM Jul 4th 2017
You might want to start a thread in The Image Pickin' forum
09:41:25 AM Oct 10th 2012
It's been forever since I've seen the Pokémon movies, but whatever it was Giovanni survived, I'm sure it was somewhere other than Viridian Gym. Maybe a Team Rocket base?
08:19:30 AM Sep 16th 2011
Does this trope apply film characters who should have died near the start of their death sequence but remain conscious right up until the last part of the process or is that more of a trope on it's own?

Examples- In GoldenEye 006 falls about 200 feet and lands on his back yet is still alive enough to scream as the massive burning satellite dish fall on top of him shortly afterwards. Or in The Long Kiss Goodnight - Timothy has an entire Uzi clip emptied into his torso causing him to fall 50 feet landing on his back, either of which should kill him yet he is still conscious enough when the massive chemical bomb in the oil truck he lands on goes off half a minute later.

Sure it's mostly done as a Karmic Death for the Big Bad in the climax to a film but I'll bet there's plenty of examples out there.
10:31:54 PM Feb 20th 2011
OK, I screwed up when adding this and accidentally hit enter before typing anything, but this is a duplicate of about a million other survival tropes including Made of Iron, Plot Armor, Normally I Would Be Dead By Now, Amusing Injuries, Strolling Through the Chaos, and about a billion others.
01:02:39 PM Feb 21st 2011
I think the only strict requirement of the description duplicates Plot Armor. As I also think on how it might vary from Plot Armour, I look at what the page says and what it emphasises and I'm seeing The Same, but More. Then it just throws in "you can optionally add any other reason".

Yet it's old and well wick'd so I'm going to declare this on a forum.

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