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02:27:06 AM Apr 24th 2016
The animal on the picture is a stoat, not a weasel.
08:15:58 AM Apr 25th 2016
So then is using its picture on this page a Necessary Weasel?
04:44:09 AM Jul 17th 2015
Is this trope in any way related to the literal weasels in Girl Genius?
06:00:46 AM Jul 17th 2015
... no?
08:24:26 AM Feb 3rd 2014
Where does the trope name come from? I would hazard a guess that it's Morgensterns poem, where the weasel is necessary for the rhyme (on Kiesel and Geriesel). This source spawned even the terminus technicus "weasel" for a piece in a chess problem which is superfluous for correctness and sits there only for the esthetics.

If I'm wrong, the coincidence would be awesome.
08:59:53 AM Feb 3rd 2014
I'd imagine it just comes from the word weasel, as in "weaseling his way out of it."
12:14:15 AM May 20th 2012
"is rather short-sighted and pointless" seems needlessly confrontational; "is equivalent to complaining about the genre" would be accurate but lacks flair. Any better ideas? Is this needlessly pedantic? :J
08:01:38 PM Jan 23rd 2012
Ironically (in reference to the caption), the weasel is in fact not a weasel at all, but an ermine. A reverse image search reveals that it is actually an ermine.
05:21:03 AM May 24th 2011
I'm sorry, but I just can't see how Author Avatars are any more necessary in Webcomics than in any other medium. Especially "normal" comics.
06:34:54 AM Aug 19th 2012
Me neither. For example, Order of the Stick is a "gaming comic" - one of the best - and it doesn't have an author avatar.
02:06:36 PM May 10th 2010
edited by gibberingtroper
Okay, I need you guys to filter me here because I'm an unapologetic Superman fan. I want to add an entry along these lines.

  • Clark Kenting when the hero's costume lacks a mask, and the hero's powers don't give them any other convenient way of hiding their identity.

Does that seem reasonable to you? I'm trying to reign in my tendency to entry pimp Superman.
02:09:38 PM May 10th 2010
Here's a more controversial one.

  • Stipperrific in superheroines.

Given the demographic is still mostly male, when you're trying to compete with characters established decades ago, you take every edge you can get.
01:43:33 AM May 16th 2011
Both work for me.
06:31:21 AM Aug 19th 2012
Stripperrific isn't "necessary". It's chosen. You can have a good superhero comic where the heroine is dressed normally; in contrast, you can't really have a good big-budget action movie with Stuff Blowing up. That's what makes the latter an example and the former not one.

Also, there are girls who read comic books, and there would likely be more if writers didn't go out of their way to make female characters wank-fodder.
11:27:45 AM Jan 8th 2013
I think Stripperific can qualify with some SPECIFIC superheroines. While you can argue endlessly about the politically correctness of it all (don't care...) there's plenty of characters who would be at least somewhat derailed without it.

Can't have Striperella without Erotica (Western Animation example!)

While Power Girl might prefer to have people look her in the eye, the stripperific aspects often make the stories more fun (or specifically- the constant lampshading of it).

Even Wonder Woman would lose something without a degree of sex appeal (anyone want to argue that Wonder Woman isn't at least marginally connected to BDSM?)
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