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11:44:20 PM Oct 17th 2011
Why do we let the metal fandom's Hate Dumb dictate what goes on metal genre pages? Do we really need to tell people that some Metalheads thing Metal Core and Nu Metal are disgraces to metal?
09:59:35 AM Jan 14th 2012
well the level of Hate Dumb is worth mentioning on the page, but I think that it shouldn't be right in the description; that's kind of biased.
01:47:38 AM May 24th 2010
edited by Lordnecronus
Both Demon Hunter and Between the Buried and Me were moved from the main list to the list of bands that aren't metalcore. I've added BTBAM back to the main list and removed Demon Hunter altogether, but this is probably a temporary edit.

I'd like to discuss whether these two bands belong in the metalcore genre or not. I'd also like to ask if Demon Hunter really are nu-metal, like Korn or Slipknot; I haven't heard much from Demon Hunter, so I'm unsure.  *

I noticed, too late, that my edit reason leading people to the talk page only mentions Demon Hunter as part of the discussion. I apologise for that.
04:09:08 AM May 24th 2010
I really don't follow the differences between metal subgenres, but I am a fan of Demon Hunter so I can tell you some representative tracks so you can judge for yourself:

12:47:23 PM May 24th 2010
OK, had a listen to all of them (except "Undying", the video wouldn't work for some reason). Judging by these songs, their earlier stuff (2002-04) sort of blurs the line between nu-metal and metalcore, their middle period leans more towards metalcore, and their 2010 stuff isn't either genre.

There is metalcore in there, so I'm adding them back to the main list with an explanation that they're not 100% part of the genre, similar to what's been done with Between the Buried and Me.
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