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07:07:21 PM Jan 26th 2012
Removed this because it was first person thread mode and had no source. It shouldn't be put back until the source is found and named.

  • (I heard this on a radio program, but it was probably adapted from a short story:) A soldier from WW2 or maybe the Korean War is mentally sent back to his childhood, possibly due to being in a coma la Life on Mars. Once he convinces his dad this isn't just a kid being overly imaginative or brain-damaged, the son plans for their future by picking stock options and things to bet on, as well as preparing for the war ahead. The son reverts back to being a child when the soldier comes out of his coma or dies, and the father has a safe full of sure things.
    • I've read the story. It was part of an anthology... somewhere.
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