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Is the Jumanji example really a spoiler? Wouldn't that be like pointing out that at the end of Super Mario 64 Mario defeats Bowser and rescues the Princess?

INH: The "getting sent back 26 years" part certainly is. There was no indication that that would happen, though you might have guessed it from the way certain things were set up.
Anonymous Mc Cartneyfan: Cut this and placed it here. If this is what I think this is, this isn't Mental Time Travel: it's normal Time Travel done via Psychic Powers. (Unless the man in question never ages...)
  • Somewhere in Time where Christopher Reeves wills himself back in time in order to meet a woman from some 50 or so years ago, when she, as a very old woman, walks up to him and tells him to come back to her (as a young woman).