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04:44:58 AM Aug 7th 2014
Um... what exactly is the reason behind this seemingly random, completely non-indicative name?
04:48:04 AM Aug 7th 2014
Because the description includes a poorly written Example as a Thesis. The trope is about very elaborate scams, ones involving a lot of people for example - hence "Massive Multiplayer".
12:38:25 AM Nov 6th 2012
In the CSI entries, where Grissom gives the evidence he's gathered to the insurance company:

It's not only that insurance contracts have clauses in their contracts that allow them to deny/repossess payouts when applicable. It's also that insurance companies can afford to pay private detectives to take up the case. The PI doesn't have the powers of the police, but the PI, or someone who works for them, can devote every minute to pursuing the case. The police can be called back in if/when they're needed. If nothing else, the insurance company wants enough evidence to justify retrieving the payouts and the benefits derived therefrom (where applicable.) Lawsuits tend to be avoided if the lawyer for the plaintiff can look at the evidence, look at the client, and say, 'no way you can win.'
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