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09:22:16 AM Oct 8th 2013
This trope description acts as if its an unrealistic stereotype of cliche for people to react like this.

Lets be honest. If you woke up unexpectedly in an opposite gender body, how would you react? Your body is so fundamental to your experience of the world that you take it for granted. Take it from someone who has lost a lot of weight. Even losing your belly and becoming lighter over the course of a year can affect a lot about your daily experience.

Even if I had no other reason for being interested in them, I'd want to know what they feel like and how it feels for them to be touched so I'm not distracted by so many first time sensations when I'm out in public.
12:12:26 AM Jun 27th 2015
I'm trans, I've had boobs less than a year, and I still sometimes grab them out of disbelief. This is total truth in television, lots of other trans girls say they do the same thing,
06:53:58 AM Mar 4th 2011
Does anyone know Tamura, the person on the page quote? And more particularly, is there a Gender Bender work he was involved in to link his name to? Or did he just happen to have this insight out of the blue, unrelated to any part he was playing?
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