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Prfnoff: "Note that a female-turned-into-male will not do the equivalent with her/his new equipment. Ever. That's because male self-pleasuring isn't cool." Oh, yes, she might, if she's Being John Malkovich.

Sikon: Isn't this exactly how a real-life person would react in this situation? I probably would.

adam850: But, since this never happens (instantly) in the real world, it is a TV trope.

Little Beast: It doesn't really matter if a real person would do it, it's still a trope.

TJ Devil 02: Does the variation from 13 Going On 30 count? While it's girl-to-woman and not man-to-woman, she has the same fascination with her breasts that a man would.

Kilyle: I'd say yes.

Twin Bird: D&D PHB PSA...WTF?

Sci Vo: Something about the Dungeons & Dragons Player's Handbook...uh...public service announcement?

anowack: It's a series of Youtube videos -

So where does the image come from?

Revolos55: Fixed Farscape entry, since John/Aeryn does do the grope. This may have been a case of selective censorship, which happens quite often to this show (US/UK/DVD versions all being slightly different)

Peppermintsheep: Whaddabout "The Hot Chick"?!