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05:02:17 PM Feb 21st 2011
I think this page should be erased as the examples here will fit perfectly in the article Manly Gay or instead be replaced with the cases of extremely muscular mans who aren't gay but may appear because of their muscles, but... i don't know how.
09:39:03 AM Feb 22nd 2011
Macho Camp and Manly Gay are two completely different tropes. In fact, they are a result of the Hard Gay split, which was a trope that held these two different concepts and was utterly confusing because of it.

Why do you think that these examples fit in Manly Gay? Are you not understanding the difference between the two?
03:24:34 PM Oct 1st 2011
Honestly we need to take the gay out of this trope. A camp macho character doesn't have to be gay. Hell, several of the examples on this thread aren't even gay.
06:08:57 AM Jan 3rd 2013
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The point is that it is a gay stereotype. You can be a gay stereotype without being gay.

If you fit the stereotype, you fit the trope, regardless of your... tastes.
01:51:18 PM Feb 15th 2011
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