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02:14:58 PM Sep 20th 2012
Exactly what genre would fit in?
08:01:43 AM Sep 4th 2012
  • In Macross Frontier, Ranka's signature song Aimo is later modified into a war song. The dissonance doesn't fully set in until the last episode when it's revealed that Aimo is a love song. In fact, they let the first line (Aimo, aimo, netel lhushe) intact - and Aimo means Anata.
    • It doesn't help that half of the song is in Zentran.

Does anyone feel like making this example comprehensible to non-fans?
01:49:26 PM Sep 4th 2011
I think the top two examples should be removed. They're perfectly fine examples, but they make the page look messy. Remove?
07:18:52 PM Jul 7th 2011
Why do I not see a section for rap songs? There are those that people just listen to without really listening to the lyrics.
07:25:18 PM May 29th 2011
Should there be a section of songs from musicals? Or was there one and I just didn't notice it? Because I've been listening to some musicals' sountracks lately, and Avenue Q and Book of Mormon both have a few songs like this. Not to mention "What is this feeling?" from Wicked. Happy tune, with them singing about how much they hate each other... The best examples from the other two are "It sucks to be me" from Avenue Q and "Hasa Diga Eebowai" from BOM.
07:28:51 PM May 29th 2011
And then there's "Baptize Me" which is a song about how he's going to baptize her into the faith. And that's really what they're talking about. Except if you listen to it, maybe it's just how it's said but it sounds really dirty. That or I'm a pervert, either way (shrug)
05:06:25 AM Sep 22nd 2010
I've noticed that there's a few bands/singers who have lots of examples... would making separate pages for these be a good idea?
12:54:52 PM Mar 11th 2010
This Page needs Better organization. Seriously. We wouldn't need to have that warning about duplicates if the organization wasn't so confusing. Anyone with me?
01:43:31 PM Mar 25th 2010
The "unsorted" folder was breaking because it is too long. Maybe a by-genre would work. Hard Rock, Rap, R&B, Blues, Alt-Rock, etc.
08:55:40 PM Mar 29th 2010
Maybe we should include it by type of work (Where the song was) and then divide all of the unsorted songs by genre, that way we won't have an "unsorted" folder that is breaking.
03:07:42 PM Apr 2nd 2010
edited by Semiapies
A few folks on a Trope Repair Shop thread (including myself) are trying to sort out the unsorted examples (and the time-period folders) into the genre folders.

As of right now, a large majority of the examples are in one folder or another - at what size does a folder break?
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