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07:05:29 AM Jan 3rd 2015
What's the name of the trope when A loves B, but B is an idiot who more or less is inmature about... well, everything, and ends up hurting his significant other. Then C is the friend of A and wants to help her, but ends up hating C for being a colossal dick. Plot twist: C is not in love, he's kind of attracted to A, but doesn't know if it's love or not, for him it's a strong friendship. And a lot of mutual friends of A and C ship them together?
11:37:08 AM Jan 3rd 2015
You'll have to look for the chart of Triang Relations to see where your case (sorry, the case of A, B and C =P) fits the most. Love Triangle focuses for the most part in A and B struggling for the love of C at the same frame or period (with possible variations regarding how C feels towards A and B respectively).
04:25:02 AM Apr 3rd 2013
"Shredder dopes three of the Turtles with a pizza laced with a love potion (Donatello demurs, because he's driving)"

Demurs because Mikey has ordered his usual insane topping combo. If I remember right, marshmallows, anchovies and hot fudge were involved.
06:45:34 PM Sep 24th 2011
On the Macross Frontier example, Word of God was called. Can we have a source for that?

With regard to Frontier, Citation Needed applies to any claims of Word of God, due to the God Never Said That fiasco.
05:32:56 PM Jul 12th 2011
What are the different types?
03:57:44 PM Feb 2nd 2011
What if one person is in love with another person who's in love with himself/herself?
04:24:17 AM Apr 3rd 2013
Love Martyr?
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