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Fast Eddie: Got interested in modeling all the possible triangles. Anything missing?

Elihu: It would be fun to see if we could match examples to each of the different categories. Fun in like an amazingly-time-consuming kinda way, I mean.

Fast Eddie: That's going on in Triang Relations.

Roxana: I think you may be referring to Arthur C. Clark's 'Rendevous with Rama' in which a pair of shipmates, a typical chalk and cheese combo, share a wife back on earth. The Captain of the Rama has two wives but since the women live on separate planets this relationship cannot really be considered 'triangular'.

Anthiens: I am so inflicting #7 on Danny. Oddly, no real angst breaks out about it, which seems odd, considering it is Valerie and Sam, both fairly jealous. Making Danny (and thus Danni) into an empath is certainly making things interesting. Away, Invisible Love Closet(TM)!