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11:09:16 AM Aug 3rd 2012
Folder-ized entries. Please help with cleaning copy, organizing entries and forming/re-forming/deleting sub-divisions as necessary.
09:51:51 PM Oct 21st 2010
I think we should remove the Monk and Soulknife. Joke characters are literal jokes; nobody was meant to play them, other than for the purposes of Cherry Tapping and masochism. The Monk and Soulknife were meant to be played, but the designers just failed horribly. Tier-Induced Scrappy is the proper trope.

Though if we keep them, we really need to add the Samurai. That class is like if they took every single bad mechanic they could think of (MAD! Dual Wielding! Weak-as-hell smite! A capstone ability that does absolutely nothing against anything that isn't weaker than you!) and piled it on from there.
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