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04:10:24 AM Aug 18th 2013
I have the ultimate solution to Jackass Genie problems: "I wish that any wish I will ever make shal go exactly as I intended them to, including this one."
02:10:09 PM Sep 9th 2010
Removed natter:
  • Tomb of Horrors features a cursed gem that purports to grant wishes; when the wish is made, it will do an exact opposite or otherwise turn the wish against you (given example: when asked to bring somebody back from the dead, it'll instead destroy his remains, or even kill somebody else), AND then it explodes, burning everybody in the vicinity to death.
02:49:55 PM Sep 9th 2010
For the record, the simplest answer would be: "You're making it really easy for me. Wish granted! [Boom!]"

And for the record: the real question this item begs is: what's the point of a mis-fulfilled wish if the gem's going to blow you up anyway? (A gem that explodes when touched is a nice trap. A malicious genie that purports to grant wishes only to turn them against you as badly as possible is a fine plot device, too. But why combine the two?)

And the genie should follow the rules, too: first, he should actually [technically] grant the wish, and not arbitrarily decide to do the opposite (as in the given example - why not just raise him as a powerful undead?); second, killing the wisher [unless he is asking for it] is just cheap (if asked for a magical sword, don't just stab him with it - give him a magical sword with a NASTY side effect).
06:09:09 PM May 17th 2010
Butterscotch: I will refrain from re-adding my deleted post, as I don't have good reason to, but I'm the one who started that Natter exchange, so I can damn well "ruin" it if I want.
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