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09:42:05 AM Sep 4th 2012
Someone vandalised one of the entries to the point where it no longer makes sense. It was in the Western Animation section, and I had to delete it. If anyone can repair this who is familiar with the episode in question, please do:
  • In Justice League Unlimited episode "A Better World", The Flash states that killing him, a close friend (who's Lord counterpart was dead), would be a line Lord!Superman would never cross, Lord!Superman shrugs and says that he's been doing things he never thought were possible before, and is intent on killing him before Superman intervenes.
02:56:20 PM Feb 2nd 2011
Does it count as an Exaggerated version of this trope or a straight example if a character is reluctant about killing, but when he commits his first kill he discovers that rather than feeling guilty or bad he enjoys it and soon becomes a Blood Knight whose attitude towards killing is the same as a normal person's attitude towards eating potato chips ("enjoyable, easy, and hard to have just one").
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