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08:09:21 AM Oct 16th 2017
edited by MBG159
I think this page could use some pruning, since I've seen a number of cases on this page where the villain isn't at all invincible; they're just very powerful. Even cases where they fight the heroes once and lose that fight, just because they manage an impressive showing in the meantime. I think this trope could use some deeper qualifications before it turns into "villains that are powerful." Something like...

- Is significantly more powerful and more able than the heroes.

- Has multiple impressive victories, and when the protagonists lose to them, it is grievous.

- Defeats and setbacks they suffer, if they exist at all, tend to be insignificant, pyrrhic victories, or something they still manage to turn into an advantage.

- When (if) they are defeated, it requires very special effort (all the protagonists working together, a Deus ex Machina or Story-Breaker Power being applied).
07:53:26 AM Mar 17th 2016
So has Invincible Villain become the new go-to term to talk about Villain Sues since that has become Flame Bait? It's starting to seem like it.
07:21:52 AM Mar 11th 2015
edited by ading
682 isn't really an example-most fights between him and other SC Ps end in a stalemate, and despite breaking out a few times, the Foundation always finds a way to contain him again. The whole reason we assume he's immortal is that he constantly suffers serious injuries (getting shot, dipped in hydrochloric acid, decapitated, reduced to 1% of its body mass, thrown into the sun, etc.), yet always bounces right back. Never dying isn't the same as always winning.
04:25:00 PM Jul 26th 2014
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So... This trope is presented as being a Bad Thing, yet several villains in it (a minority, mind you) are either presented in terms that don't make them seem all that bad in context, and/or that are generally not considered that annoying by the fans (the D-Reaper and Apocalypse, for example). Shouldn't something mentioning Tropes Are Not Bad be included?
02:44:45 AM Jul 27th 2014
Yes, or better yet thr description rewritten so that it doesn't focus so much on the audience reception. I am not in the health to correct it, though.
08:23:06 AM Feb 1st 2016
I'll add a brief section on the end, feel free to take it out if you want.
11:51:32 AM Feb 1st 2016
edited by VeryMelon
I did my best rewriting the description.
01:47:40 PM Feb 1st 2016
Thanks, it looks good.
02:43:04 PM Jul 23rd 2014
Wouldn't this be a YMMV?
03:11:19 PM Jul 23rd 2014
No. Why?
04:33:43 PM Jul 23rd 2014
edited by
Here is the thread to turn tropes ymmv: {{}} If you want present their case...
09:57:27 AM Jul 6th 2013
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Now, I'm starting to wonder who is the more invincible out of the two when you start to think about it, Amon or Azula:

While both of them don't really "lose" definitely until each series respective finales, Amon is basically untouchable for the majority of Legend of Korra, he never suffers any kind of drawbacks and succeeds at every goal he sets out to achieve. De-bending Lin, Tarrlok, Korra herself, and many other benders. Destroying the Pro-bending Arena, defeating the United Forces army and pretty much taking over Republic City before Korra unmasked him.

While Azula does win by the end of Book 2: Earth and yes, her victory can be partly attributed to contrived coincidences, she does suffer her fair share of defeats before that. In her first speaking appearance she dominates Zuko before Iroh defeats her in like 5 seconds and they manage to escape. In Return to Omashu she fails to catch Aang even with the help of her friends. In The Chase, part of the reason why she disappears at the end is because she knew she couldn't take them all on and that's why she takes that cheap shot at Iroh in order to distract them and retreats. Then in The Drill she and Ty Lee are defeated (quite humiliatingly I might say) by Team Avatar and they destroy the siege unit that the Fire Nation probably spend months creating. Mai even points out their failure at the end. And finally, you can tell in The Crossroads of Destiny that she couldn't have won without help. Watch that episode again, if Zuko hadn't made his Face Heel Turn and hadn't showed up to aid her, Katara alone would have defeated her.

So yeah, as effective as Azula is, Amon beats her in the Villain Invincibility department.
12:35:44 PM Jul 27th 2012
So... the title has changed from Boring Invincible Villain to just Invincible Villain, but the page still contains the full phrase and talks about the reasons why it's boring, with no indication of how to make a non-boring one work.
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