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03:20:10 PM Nov 26th 2015
I've seen this confused with Internet Counterattack a lot. Maybe it should be renamed?
12:13:19 AM Nov 27th 2015
I don't know if a rename would help. The concepts are quite similar, and the names are going to be as well.
11:25:31 AM Nov 30th 2012
I thought TV Tropes was supposed to be a fun encyclopediac forum where you could talk in the first person and voice your opinions, not a restricting encyclopedia where the mods and admins are too afraid of a days-long flame war to allow biased opinion in examples. What's wrong with that?
11:26:06 AM Nov 30th 2012
Also, how do I get my forum ban reversed?
12:27:03 PM Nov 30th 2012
You thought wrong. TV Tropes is not a forum.
04:04:34 PM Dec 1st 2012
Agreed...Tropes is not a forum, and writing entries like that is a VERY bad idea. HOWEVER i do hate the wholesale example cutting. Some (if not most) where voted to be cut by a small miniscule of voters. Which is why i think it's important to pay attention to TRS threads
12:15:16 PM Nov 26th 2012
edited by LordLizardon
since this page's examples have been deleted, why not delete or the examples on all the index related tropes? or instead, reduce them. for example, one scrappy per work? seriously, most of the examples are useless hyperbole and exaggeration.
03:41:16 PM Oct 10th 2012
The examples have been cut as per the TRS thread. The main page remains to define the term and index related tropes.
11:57:53 AM Oct 11th 2012
I'd like to voice disagreement.
12:59:49 PM Oct 11th 2012
Disagreement had its chance to be voiced in the TRS thread.
01:07:53 PM Oct 11th 2012
Yes, on the forums that most of the users of the site never use or look at.
02:26:06 PM Oct 11th 2012
edited by shoboni
I'd like to note that the idea to cut it was proposed and implemented within a few hours late at night from what I could tell, I checked the thread the night before it happened.

I voice disagreement because reading about internet culture(drama included) in a non-hated filled environment is one of the many things this site is good for.

05:13:11 PM Oct 11th 2012
I tried to warn people, they need to pay attention to the trope repair shop banners at the top. Yes MOST tropers rarely if ever visit the boards. You'll change your mind soon enough when everything you like is cut right up under your nose. I do believe the votes to cut it was ridiculously miniscule, but alot of people didn't particularly defend it either. Now people show up to protest!?!? lol *Head Meets Desk*
05:34:00 PM Oct 11th 2012
Like I said, the vote to cut it came in the blink of an eye before anyone could protest, a mod just went "I'm cutting it" out of nowhere.

11:57:33 AM Oct 12th 2012
I don't deny that, but the Trope Repair discussion banner was up for awhile.
01:47:33 PM Oct 12th 2012
I just think this should be discussed further seeing the circumstances.
01:56:00 PM Oct 12th 2012
The TRS thread is 130 posts long. It was started on the 10th of August. Nothing was done overnight, by mod fiat, out of nowhere, or without proper discussion.
09:05:57 AM Oct 14th 2012
edited by shoboni
I saw no mention of deleting examples.

Okay there was, by like two people.

12:46:28 PM Nov 23rd 2012
Couldn't the mods and admins just archive the pages somewhere as a huge, Unchangeable image? I really enjoyed reading the examples; they were witty and gave very good instruction on what to avoid when on the Internet.
12:43:51 PM Nov 30th 2012
For reference, "Remove all examples and keep as exampleless definition page." had enough of a lead to win on September 24. Some of us on the staff thought that was overkill, so we, erm, dragged our feet a bit to give a bit more time. I didn't officially declare a winner until 9 days later, which was also over a month after voting had been opened.

So, no, this was not rushed. In fact, holding off for nine days after a clear victor had emerged is almost obstructively slow.
04:08:33 PM Dec 1st 2012
Like i said people need to pay attention to TRS Threads. most of the people that respond are almost always people who support cutting things and tend to be hardcore tropers. Others needs to start taking part in the process, otherwise you'll have no one else to blame but yourself.
05:19:33 AM Dec 3rd 2012
edited by FunSunnyDayz
I also disagree with the change. The examples were quite funny and entertaining to read, to see what things set off the Berserk Button in members of fandoms that I'm not part of. Also, I believe that the Law Of Cautious Editing Judgment was at all times adhered to, so why was there any problem? If the examples aren't returned, can they at least be moved to the Flame War page?

11:27:15 PM Feb 1st 2013
We already have Flame War, so just work on that.
03:01:24 PM Feb 16th 2013
I'm all for moving the examples to Flame War
09:32:11 PM Aug 21st 2011
A meta-example, go to any given wiki with a specific subject, get in a debate about a specific with an admin, if he makes a mistake and somehow violates the unwritten law, call him out on it, I dare you, you'll try to avoid what ever the wiki was about, you'll never see it the same way.
12:55:42 PM Aug 3rd 2011
edited by Tifforo
It seems like many examples added here (including some that I recently added) may actually be examples of BaseBreakers.
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