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10:02:38 AM Feb 10th 2014
I am guessing in nominate Indecisive Deconstruction to the ymmv banner in the "Pages that Need the YMMV banner" thread in "Long time/Perpetual" in the forums. First, where is the fine line mentioned in the description? As determine that a work "didn't go far enough?" The own description uses "Basically, there are many questions that can be raised about what counts as a deconstruction." Second, the first of the three subtypes, "Unintentional Deconstruction", is pure Audience Reaction, the second of the three subtypes, "Partial Deconstruction", mentions that it is debatable, and the last of the three subtypes, "Attempted Deconstruction", mentions some examples with "arguably".
02:31:06 PM Feb 11th 2014
Well, nominated.
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