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09:39:34 AM Nov 16th 2015
I think someone needs to go through these and remove the entries that don't properly fit. A lot of these are truly incest subtext, but then there's also a lot where the only subtext is what the person who submitted the entry CHOSE to see, and is not actually there. Some people can't seem to tell the difference between incest subtext and genuine familial closeness (such as with the Tams in Firefly, or the sisters in Charmed).

Also, at least one of the entries (possibly more, I didn't read them all), Bates Motel, isn't subtext, it's just plain text. The relationship between Norman and his mother is the driving force behind the whole franchise. But I'm not sure if there's another page where it properly belongs. Maybe there should be a page, or a subheading on this one, called "Not So Subtext"?
04:14:34 AM May 30th 2017
About the second thing Parental Incest is a trope i think when the incest is actually there.
10:41:29 AM Feb 18th 2014
in The Originals Klaus and Rebekah have such a chemistry and subtext is so heavy that it's basically, a text. A thousand years of intense love-hate relationship and counting. Klaus killed almost all of his sister's suitors, he's extremely territorial and possessive of her, always acts like a jealous lover. They often get mistaken for lovers, and actually consider themselves a pair. There's been many confessions of love, and they engage in sexually charged sadistic activities together, such as torture and feeding on humans, and it's been stated on the show that such activities are erotic for vampires. So they're basically canon.
07:40:16 AM Jul 25th 2013
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GTA San Andreas also has one. Carl's sister, Kendl, is dating Cesar, a guy from a rival street gang. When Kendl hugs Cesar, Carl pushes him away, at which Cesar replies "Chill out, holmes, you're acting like she's your woman, eh!"
03:22:35 PM Apr 10th 2013
Is there a particular reason why Firefly's Tam siblings are nowhere to be found? Because it seems like a pretty clear case, seeing as they're REALLY close, River watched him have sex with Kaylee and she once joked that they should get married, as well as pretended to be pregnant with his baby, in a deleted scene. I ask this because TV Tropes is about 20% Joss Whedon fansite (which is a good proportion IMO), so I can't see how this fairly obvious example wasn't mentioned unless this happened due to deletions and controversy.
05:45:24 PM Mar 14th 2014
The main thing here is the writers don't see it as such. Only real support for this is that pregnancy/marriage -deleted scene, but Simon is is thoroughly disgusted at the thought and was meant to underline that River is a complete Cloud Cuckoo Lander when she's not lucid. So yes they are extremely close, but the incestious subtext never truly materializes as mutual.
01:57:48 AM Feb 11th 2012
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Wasn't there an subtext of incest in "Lemon Incest"...or maybe that was just outright? (For the record, it's a song by Sergei Gainsbourg and his daughter...You Be The Judge.
03:03:02 PM Dec 19th 2011
  • Ben and Gwen from Ben 10 have infamous amounts of subtext applied to them in canon, despite their being cousins.
    • In the original pitch, Gwen was an unrelated classmate of Ben's. The romantic subtext apparently just never got removed after she was retooled into being his cousin instead.
    • Word of God states the reason they were giving love interests in the new series was to dismiss all the Cousin Couple fandom.

"The writers teasing with incestuous subtext in a story. " the 'writers' not the fans seeing incestous subtext
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