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11:59:54 PM Nov 23rd 2015
Removing this because this is utter BS:

This is so untrue on so many level it isn't funny. Yana Toboso has explicitly stated multiple times that Sebastian only wants to kill Ciel, and that Ciel has no fondness towards Sebastian and in fact distrusts him (in Chapter 95 if I recall, he professed to fearing Sebastian). You'd have to have some seriously delusional Shipping Goggles and/or a general lack of reading comprehension to actually read romance there. And no, the manga is not a BL, nor was there any Word of Gay. That is a fact.
06:27:08 AM Nov 24th 2015
edited by Larkmarn
Pretty sure it still applies. They're not getting together anytime soon, but the mangaka knows that there are plenty of Yaoi Fangirls out there and Pandering to the Base is a thing

Let me put it this way. Those bridal carries and No Sense of Personal Space... do you think that's accidental Ho Yay, or intentional? Do you really think the author adds those scenes and thinks "yup, no one's going to think that's going to come across as gay."
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