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03:16:22 PM Jul 11th 2012
Is it really based on a 'Flanderized' version of Hobbes? The man that said in a state of nature, life would be "nasty, brutish and short"?
11:15:05 PM Sep 5th 2014
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Not only is it not particularly flanderized, the explanation about how the glorious revolution gave Hobbes what he wanted is effectively the opposite of what he wanted. As much as Locke and english philosophers have tried to rehabilitate Hobbes and make of him some herald of enlightenment avant la lettre (there's many reasons for that), ultimately Leviathan is an absolutist pamphlet (whose title is more indicative of its length) and the social contract alluded to in the archives is a concept expounded by Rousseau.

In general the real life examples given are bad, weak and often attribute to Hobbes things that were put together based on a philosophical school that largely rejected Hobbes. And that's not even getting into what we do know about the "state of nature" which has consistently demonstrated Hobbes wrong.
02:54:40 AM Sep 6th 2014
I am not particularly sussed by the Real Life examples either.
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