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02:19:40 PM Jun 14th 2015
It might just be me, but I'm not sure what the Forever Knight example is saying, and therefore how it's an example.
05:19:59 PM Apr 4th 2013
Is this the correct trope to point out that almost every Biblical character portrayed by the Renaissance masters was given the local skin tone, hair style, and in some cases dress code?
09:58:03 PM May 23rd 2012
"Even when sources state that someone was attractive, this was of course according to the standards of their contemporaries." Standards very by individual in any time, it's the standards of those leaving the written records that vary. Frankly Cleopatra actually probably looked like is more appealing to me then Elizabeth Taylor.

Even the few things stated here as Universal don't appeal to everyone.
08:19:58 AM Aug 18th 2011
It may be that I'm not that big on classical animation, or anime, but the Real Life John Smith looks flat-out better to me for some damn reason. Maybe the Badass Beard.
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