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03:28:24 PM Feb 12th 2017
Does this trope still count if a character throws himself into a situation where death is *extremely* likely, but still survives?
06:51:28 AM Feb 13th 2017
I think that falls under Heroic Sacrifice. Heroic Suicide is where the person kills themselves for heroic reasons (e.g. saving another's life) usually (though it could also be by proxy, i.e. letting someone else kill them).
03:02:17 AM Apr 26th 2012
edited by BlueIceTea
I've tried to make the description as clear as possible, but this trope still appears to be in danger of causing some confusion. Specifically, in the YKTTW, several people suggested examples that were just straight-up Heroic Scacrifices. This is not Heroic Sacrifice. There's already a trope for that. I'll be keeping an eye on the edits and removing any examples that clearly don't fit.

Meanwhile, there were a few examples that came up in the YKTTW but I didn't add because I wasn't familiar with the works in quesiton. If you're sure they aren't regular Heroic Sacrifices, feel free to add them.

I also got a question about whether Suicides By Cop could count. I believe they can, especially in cases of I Cannot Self-Terminate.
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