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Heroic Sacrifices

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Variation of the Heroic Sacrifice. Frequently a Dying Moment of Awesome.

Characters sacrificing themselves to save others:

Ways to fail at a heroic sacrifice:

See also:

  • Going Down with the Ship (A Heroic Sacrifice for the sake of honor, rather than saving lives, usually.)
  • Hesitant Sacrifice (Commonly found attached to the examples above, in particular "Someone Has to Die".)
  • Last Stand (You aren't saving anyone else immediately close to you, but you're going to stay alive as long as you can to make your enemy pay.)
  • Not Afraid to Die (Can be the aversion to Hesitant Sacrifice, or it can be partnered with it.)
  • Obi-Wan Moment (Too many Heroic Sacrifices to count.)
  • Sealed Evil in a Duel (A Heroic Sacrifice, where the hero doesn't technically die.)
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  • Taking You with Me (You're dead meat anyway, but dammit you're going to save the world. Or, doom it, if you're the villain.)