Tropers: Fireblood

I'm an intellectual with a wide range of interests including books, films, history, humor, logic, knowledge, philosophy, politics, psychology, science, skepticism, technology, television, etc. An Elephant's Child from the very beginning. Prone to Wiki Walk on This Very Wiki and Rational Wiki.

I started the pages The Parallax View, Anarchy Is Chaos, Fallen, The Star Chamber, Lord of War, the Anarchism section in Political Ideologies, Dream Lover, Blind Horizon, Sleeping Dogs, The Man in the Glass Booth, A Murder Of Crows, The Hour Of The Pig, The Terrorist, ZPG Zero Population Growth, Genetic Fallacy, Winter Kills, Cry Freedom, After Life, Talion: Revenant, Equal Justice, Extant, Enemy, Hidden Agenda, Stonehearst Asylum and Catastrophe.