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06:15:29 PM Sep 20th 2015
Can we not do something about this image? Like withgreatpleasure said, though not too explicit, it's still going to give someone the wrong impression if they glance at your screen. It's borderline NSFW.
06:25:25 PM Sep 20th 2015
Try starting a thread in The Image Pickin' forum
11:42:24 AM Dec 8th 2013
If the character isn't so much having an epiphany over them being evil, but more out of deciding that they actually don't like that they are evil anymore, what trope would that be?
06:12:54 AM Aug 27th 2013
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Does this trope cover the story arc where the hero hears stories of a fantastic person who does what he does, but with incredible proficiency (it need not be a positive or useful trait, e.g. a lazy person hears legends of a formidable lethargic person who even spoke wisecracks to kings while trying to get them to stop disturbing their sleep Diogenes and Alexander the Great come to mind), only to find out the legends were actually about him, perhaps amplified and distorted through hearsay and Chinese whispers, aided by some amnesia)?

I think that this story device is pretty similar to this trope but I'm not sure it's covered by it. Thoughts?
06:07:30 AM Mar 30th 2012
What is with the picture for this one? It's a pretty major trope... is that a webcomic? A virtually unknown webcomic? can we really not do better?
06:33:17 AM Mar 30th 2012
Bring it up in Image Picking, but the obscurity of the work in question has nothing to do with the quality of the image.
07:09:22 AM Mar 30th 2012
Ok, I can't add a topic there. I'll stick it here, and I might come back tomorrow to move it to the image picking forum. Otherwise, anyone who finds this and agrees with me can move it there

The picture on this page seems like a weird choice. I see three problems.

First, without context, the meaning is pretty unclear. This is made worse by the relative obscurity of the work. I get that this is a hard trope to illustrate in a picture, but that one isn't doing it. At least, not for me, maybe you feel differently.

Second, the entry for the work makes it (kind of) clear that the character in question is not a villain. It isn't really a good example.

Third, the picture isn't exactly NSFW, but it's not safe to have on your screen... at work. It's a little contemptible, is my point. Plus I just hate the style. I'm biased, ok.

I'm not an expert on the rules in picking these pictures. Can I nominate a shot of the operative's face at the climax of Serenity, when he finds out what he's been protecting? Maybe it requires knowledge of the work, but the facial expression really conveys the feeling in question, I think.
04:47:59 PM Aug 2nd 2014
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Why not use Sullivan from Monsters Inc. when he sees himself in a record pause of a video of himself roaring that scared Boo really bad?
01:34:54 AM Aug 3rd 2014
I would have to see the suggested image. And somehow, I don't feel it's going to be as good as the current one, although I can be wrong of course.
10:56:47 PM Jul 26th 2010
edited by doomer4life
Does anybody think that Roland Tembo's "I have spent enough time in the company of death" line in the Lost World: Jurassic Park qualifies as a Heel Realization? He spends most of the movie working with In Gen to hunt down and bring in the animals for the company's purpose in exchange for the right to hunt the Male T-Rex. After his buddy dies and the plans go to pot, he decides not to pursue his goal and disappears from the rest of the movie.
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