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07:35:34 AM Jun 17th 2016
Why is fable 2 the picture for this? That's a morality thing, it's not suited for this trope.
01:14:17 AM Jan 5th 2014
Would Raven from The Black Company count as an example? His arch-nemesis is The Limper, an Evil Cripple who survives many a Rasputin Death.

And then Raven gets an arrow in the knee, to cut a long story short.
08:34:06 AM Apr 20th 2012
I'm removing:

"The Battle of Blair Mountain was the result of this, fullstop. Basically, in the 1920's, an unscrupulous mining company was grievously mistreating its workers and crushing all attempts to unionize, and even went so far as to murder a sympathetic law enforcement officer who tried to stop it. As a result, a massive strike emerged to force the company to its knees. So far so good, right? THEN, the demagogues, like Mother Jones, get into the act of preaching revolution and brimstone. So, suddenly, "scabs" start getting shot going to work from across the river and unfortunate "accidents" end up happening to actual and accused company allies in town, so the police decide (the reasons for which are still in dispute) to move in and disarm the strikers before everything gets out of hand. Only when they get there, they are driven back by peals of rifle fire after finding out that the strikers have now become an armed and angry mob determined to establish a "Worker's Republic" and "liquidate" the "Exploiters." So the cops scurry back down to base and a very, VERY mixed force of Corrupt Cops, Hired goons from Baldwin & Flatts, ROTC cadets, WWI veterans, and even a few pilots flying jury-rigged planes was put together to stop the "revolution" from breaking through and into the West Virginian heartland, which it eventually did. "

I'm removing it because according to The Other Wiki, the above is wrong. Now, The Other Wiki isn't perfect, but it has a whole bunch of References to back it up, while this has none.
07:57:42 PM May 15th 2012
Pardon, but how is it inaccurate, exactly? Many of the other references mentioned in The Other Wiki do in fact co-oberate that: the "Rednecks" that went into the field against the odd hodgepodge defenders did so on behalf of a very radical self-proclaimed worker's republic. It wasn't necessarily a matter that it was another Soviet Union- indeed, it was probably a ploy to gain better negotiating terms- but the radicalness of the revolt is preeetttttty daaamn hard to deny.

And also: No Such Thing As Notability explains the lack of cites and sources.
11:46:37 PM Oct 31st 2011
1. I'm personally on the fence regarding the Conservapedia entry in "Truth in Television." On the one hand, I can see the logic in this, but on the other hand, the same could be said of Fox News Channel: they can unload metric tons of right-wing propaganda AND call themselves "fair and balanced" PRECISELY BECAUSE every other news-media outlet (to them) has a left-wing bias. (The truth is, IMO, somewhat more complicated, but that's their point of view.)

So, in short, I'm not sure Conservapedia would fall into this, as their whole point is to provide another (if heavily distorted if not outright fabricated) point of view.

2: "In Japanese mythology, a person who kills many Youkai will themselves be transformed into a youkai."—I like this! It fits into a fanfic concept I've been developing called Ghostbusters Japan, and it would very nicely give another explanation into why a Japanese ghostbusting team would capture and not "kill" or dematerialize ghosts. (Well, that, and a device that could vaporize ghosts could also be used to vaporize humans. ;) )
02:25:50 PM Apr 28th 2011
"The French Revolution. The people that instigated it intended to set up a republic modeled on America." Okay. No. This is the first time in my life I've heard it explained this way. The French Revolution was inspired by the US Independence, which proved that you don't need a monarch to keep a republic functioning, something that was barely thinkable back then. However, the French weren't trying to copy the USA, and their Constitutional Monarchy, and subsequent Republic was of an altogether different kind. Also, the Empire didn't undo what the Republic did: it kept the spirit, the inspiration... and the popularity. And there's more to the French Republic than the freaking Reign Of Terror.
  • The French Revolution: 1789-1799
  • The French Republic: 1792-1804
  • The Reign of Terror: 1793-1794

It's okay if you Let Me Google It For You, but get it right, dammit.
11:01:22 PM Jul 8th 2010
What's with the last subbullet in Truth in Television?
11:20:54 AM Apr 11th 2010
Can this overlap with I Am What I Am?
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