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Ununnilium: Taking out:
  • In the process of fighting supernatural evil, Van Helsing eventually gets bitten by a werewolf and transforms into one, himself, which doesn't seem to dampen his fighting spirit. Also subverted, as not only is the transformation temporary, but it's also needed for him to take out the movie's Big Bad.

...because, while it's about literally turning into a monster while fighting them, it's not about the trope being described here.

Sokket: Request:
  • Please stop the Edit War on Harvey Dent. He belongs in here. He lampshades the trope with a line that is in the trailer. I'm sorry if you're trying to stop spoilers, but seriously... It Was His Sled already

Maarvarq: Formatting comment:
  • I just put in an entry for the latest Pratchett novel, and included a quote that went across a couple of (short) paragraphs. The only way I could get the quote be indented to the right rather than way over to the left of the main entry was to put it in as higher-order bullet points. Anyone with a better solution, please go for it.
    • Meh, sort of got it to work, but it still looks a bit strange.

Seanette: Cut this example of Thread Mode Internet Backdraft, not taking any sides (I think both/all need to calm down a bit):
* Some militant atheists like Richard Dawkins and Sam Harris seem to have succumbed to this trope, actively crusading against religion, portraying themselves as bringing light into the darkness of people of faith and attempting to otherwise win converts to their cause, in other words things that Christian missionaries and activists have been doing for centuries.
  • Though in fairness, their justifications (not to mention methods) for their attitudes are very, very different from those typically employed by Christian missionaries and activists.
    • That's actually where the difference between Dawkins's and Harris's beliefs lies. Dawkins is in some ways very like the Salvation Army in his justifications and methods. Harris, on the other hand, advocates preemptively nuking the capitals of Muslim countries.
    • Okay, I call BS. Either provide proof or admit you are making it up.
  • I've yet to see Dawkins burn any witch. Or homosexual. Or children who curse their parents. This is a dumb comparison and you know it, too. Please refrain from using TV Tropes to push your religious agenda.
    • That type of argument is completely bogus. The fact is he has repeatedly commented that those who do not agree with him are suffering from a mental illness. He has stated that all religion is not only wrong, but dangerous, and must be stopped. He has set up advertisements and billboards, written books condemning others, and preached from his pulpit. He is a modern evangelical, without a doubt, even thought that intollerant attitude is what sparked off his crusade. It is not about a any agenda; it is about the trope, and he seems to fit the trope rather well.

Would Richard Rahl be an example? —Document N
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