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01:38:45 PM Feb 7th 2013
Hatedoms are no worse than hardcore fanbases. Both sides are psychotically obsessed with the same subject for different reasons.
08:59:37 AM Apr 11th 2011
Unlock this page! Examples weren't that bad!
09:36:42 AM Apr 11th 2011
They were horrible, whiny, vague, poorly defined, and the majority of them had a self-serving implication of "everyone who dislikes something I like is in an organized, irrational mob of dedicated trolls." And it isn't really even a trope.
11:56:19 PM Jun 26th 2014
I agree with artman40, unlock this page. Doesn't deserved this. Who unlocked it in the first place? >:(
12:51:58 PM Sep 16th 2015
I agree with Matthew. The term defines Flame Bait. Any show that goes on sufficiently long enough has a hatedom, and it would just invite fan wars.
01:22:07 AM Feb 17th 2011
There's a big difference between having a Hatedom and just being generally disliked by everyone except the fans. A lot of thee entries are more like people trying to justify their love for things that...aren't good.
01:41:06 AM Feb 17th 2011
Oh great, more bad entries. I think no examples for this might be best.
01:51:28 AM Feb 17th 2011
edited by SpellBlade
Yeah, let's go to the TRS and ask for this.
12:19:20 PM Jan 29th 2011
Why is this a YMMV trope? Hatedoms aren't exactly subjective.
01:50:53 AM Feb 17th 2011
It's an Audience Reaction. That makes it inherently YMMV.

10:21:38 PM Dec 16th 2010
I don't understand this. It's hilarious, the sheer shock value put be back on my heels. And I don't mean the page, I mean the entry for Family Guy, it ends with [citation needed]. But this is TV tropes! Okay, I'm laughing, but it's because my brain is in knots. I know you're not supposed to explain the joke, but this has to be a joke. Can someone please explain it, carefully as if I'm stupid, to me?

10:56:08 AM Jun 18th 2010
A lot of the examples on this page are bad. According to Dragon Quest Z there's a forum discussing this, but I couldn't find it so I'm just going to post here. The examples should actually describe the hatedom, like the Howard Stern example. It tells you about the hatedom itself without feeling the need to offer commentary on Howard Stern himself. Most of the examples (okay, maybe not "most" but quite a few)are just people who want to complain about something, though, like "Lady Gaga has a hatedom because..." or they act as if the existence of a hatedom makes all criticism invalid (see the Nickelback example). Basically I think the examples should describe the hatedom itself, who its made up of, what they've done, etc. Once you start talking about why there's a hatedom its just complaining about shows you don't like and bashing the hatedom is just complaining about people not liking the show.
02:09:49 PM Jun 18th 2010
I agree.
01:14:17 PM Aug 24th 2010
Perhaps we should actually follow the description and make the trope about well-organized anti-fandoms instead of just a work or artist being wildly hated. For example, Anti-Shurtigal or whatever it was called was a well-organized and prominent anti-fandom of Eragon, and I'm sure Twilight has something similar. Those would be hatedoms. If people commonly bash Nickelback but don't have websites and blogs dedicated to dissecting their lyrics, parodying them, and such, they don't have a hatedom, just people that hate them. Citing such sites would make this page more useful and much smaller.
01:35:26 PM Aug 30th 2010
Anyone want to start a topic in trope repair shop?
08:41:37 AM Jun 2nd 2010
Moved the picture because I couldn't figure out how to put the caption under it where it was.
03:29:46 AM May 10th 2010
edited by Alligator
I don't like this page. Just behind every sentence lurks the implication that anyone who likes to hate something is some sort of Nazi Supervillain. From Captain Planet.
12:35:23 PM May 10th 2010
There is a thread on the forums discussing what to do with the examples.
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