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03:25:24 PM Jun 15th 2013
I just figured out that some Dn D players are trying to think up a third axis for Character Alignment. Could Harmony Versus Discipline be the answer to this?
08:06:57 PM Dec 31st 2014
Law is Discipline, Chaos is Harmony. (Though, on second thought, there's a collectivist, community-oriented aspect to Law and an individualistic aspect to Chaos, this would seem secondary to the principal attributes; remember again that alignment is not a straitjacket).

I've been toying with Introversion vs. Extroversion to be the second axis to complement this one, as in, enforcing these values within oneself vs. within others. For instance, a Disciplined Extrovert could be a Marine drill sergeant or a construction boss, while a Disciplined Introvert could be a Shaolin monk or a bodybuilder. Same with Harmonious types, which would itself be a dichotomy akin to Technician vs. Performer.
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