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08:00:10 AM May 9th 2013
This trope has a misleading title.

From reading the title it would be safe to assume this trope would be a supertrope of [1] since that is a handicap, trying to be all badass while holding a baby; or at the very least permit other temporary handicaps such as trying to cross the Alps with an elephant on a unicycle with a flat tyre (ordinarily crossing the alps on an elephant on a unicycle is baddass, but the flat tyre is the handicap) But no. This trope isn't about handicaps at all. This trope seems to be devoted to cripples.
11:40:11 AM May 9th 2013
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... good lord, that's pedantic. The trope is clear enough as-is, and nowhere near confusing enough for a rename or anything.
05:23:35 AM May 10th 2013
I am just saying that "Handicapped Badass" as a trope title would have great potential for a super trope, whilst "Badass cripple" or "Crippled badass" would take over the old trope. A trope title should always aim to be accurate as possible, that way it gives room for other tropes to take claim for those would be taken titles.
05:43:28 AM May 10th 2013
Your idea for "Handicapped Badass" would create misuse because when someone thinks of someone being handicapped, they think crippled. Especially for a trope I don't see that often, at least in ways that's not already covered by things like I Am Not Left-Handed.
08:18:04 AM May 10th 2013
A trope title should aim to be as clear as possible, which isn't the same thing as "accurate." We're not interested in being technical, we're interested in being easily understood, and being this needlessly technical and pedantic will only hurt.
06:52:12 PM Mar 26th 2012
Would Zuko from Avatar: The Last Airbender count? (Part of his face is burned, and the eye on that side is implied to be damaged.)
09:20:44 AM Mar 27th 2012
Didn't you ask the same question elsewhere? Oh yes, under Eyepatch of Power. As I answered there, there's no indication that his eye is damages (yes, it would be in reality, but in reality, his burns would be a lot worse). And as for the handicapped part, assuming that his eye isn't damaged, since there's no mention of it, having facial scars doesn't have anything to do with martial arts skills.
09:30:48 PM Mar 29th 2012
I agree with Jordan. Its just scarring, but it doesn't affect his sight in any way.
09:56:30 PM Mar 29th 2012
I looked at some images. It seems like the show definitely tones down the disfigurement the more sympathetic Zuko gets, but with that in mind, at least in this picture, it looks like the scarring made it so his eye doesn't open as wide, but the eye itself is totally fine.
12:43:15 PM Jun 3rd 2011
I'm not sure about the entry about Kaiser Willhelm II. Calling him a diplomatic genious (or badass for that matter) seems rather strange since all he really did was to destroy most of what Bismarck had built up and clumsily helped to bring about WWI.
08:04:32 AM Aug 1st 2011
I agree completely and for that reason have cut this example:
* Kaiser Wilhelm II had a withered arm yet still managed to be a diplomatic genius and ran the German Empire almost single-handedly.
The fact is that Wilhelm was born into the imperial family and lived in the lap of luxury, being supported by the state. The actual running of the government was primarily the responsibility of the Chancellor. To the extent Wilhelm influenced foreign policy, it was almost entirely in a negative way.
04:26:16 PM Aug 21st 2010
edited by albino-ottsel
I'm not sure if this should go here or in the forums, but what exactly is the difference between this and Inspirationally Disabled? Is it merely in the portrayal? For example, a Handicapped Badass is shown to be a badass who happens to be handicapped versus how a Magical Differently Abled Person is shown to be a handicapped person who happens to be badass?
07:09:54 AM Nov 14th 2010
Inspirationally Disabled is disabled people used to be an inspiration by doing mundane things that anybody can do but is somehow considered amazing because the person doing it has some sort of disability, usually turns out very stupid and probably offends a lot of disabled people. There's no badassery involved.

Judging by how the 'badass' tropes seem to work, Handicapped Badass is meant to be any badass who is also disabled, but a few examples on the page seem to have this trope confused with Inspirationally Disabled.

(I know and have known quite a few disabled people so I like to think I know how they see this type of thing)
12:29:40 AM May 18th 2010
You know, the part where it says 'ANY Paralympian' would probably offend most Paralympians who let's face it are no more badass than other sportspeople, especially in their own eyes. Shouldn't we keep these examples to just being people who are badass by the standards of normal badassery and not just because they're doing stuff with a disability, and people whose inherent badassery is enhanced by the fact that they're disabled?
04:16:51 PM Aug 21st 2010
I've moved that section from the main page to here, pending discussion on it.

  • Any Paralympian.
    • Of special note: Polish Paralympians consistently perform better than regular Olympians.
    • Also of special note: Double-amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius (the 'fastest man on no legs', as some have called him), who snagged a bronze medal - in an able-bodied event in Switzerland.
    • And Aimee Mullins. Double amputee. Sprinter (ran for Georgetown while in college). Runway model. Actress. Author. While in college, earned an internship at the Pentagon.
    • Australian comedian Adam Hills (himself born without a right foot) went to Beijing to help host the Paralympics. He describes (in his stand-up show "Inflatable") seeing an athlete born without arms, who was a freestyle swimmer. The initial miracle was that he got his jacket off. The secondary and tertiary miracles were that this guy was the fastest thing in the water that anyone had ever seen (despite not having hands to touch the wall at each turn, instead actually having to headbutt the wall without slowing down each time), and that he won gold. Adam described it as the most inspiration thing he has ever witnessed in his life.

I, myself, agree with giygasattack, though I don't have much to add to this particular topic.
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