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09:29:16 PM Dec 2nd 2012
We could probably change the name to "Arms Akimbo". Still correct, and also a pun.
11:16:07 AM Oct 24th 2011
Re: implausibility of using two guns independently: I've seen a dude do it while playing House of the Dead. Obviously reloading isn't much of a problem in this instance, and all targets were relatively near each other...he wasn't shooting over his shoulder with one gun or anything. But it is possible to track two targets at once and aim at them independently.

Must not be common, though, or I'd expect to see more of it on Youtube. :/
09:21:16 PM Mar 31st 2010
Oh wow... The "Abe lincoln is about to shoot you" image that is up right now is actually based on a character for an RPG I made... which, of course, got him entirely wrong besides the fact that he looks like Abe Lincoln ah well Ce la vie.
04:34:07 AM Mar 5th 2010
Kersey475: Awwww... Why not?
04:31:56 PM Mar 4th 2010
Kersey475: I nominate that this image be the new image for this page (I have no idea how to upload images onto this site so could someone else please do it).
04:42:49 PM Mar 4th 2010
Another motivator-style image? No, thanks.
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