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07:17:32 PM Dec 5th 2012
New subtrope: Glad I'm not a guy

I think we should create a new subtrope for when girls get hit in the groin but it supposedly doesn't hurt. The reason is that the derivation of the comedy is different for the genders.

For male victims, it's more of a physical gag: it's funny because it hurts.

For female victims, it's funny because it (supposedly) doesn't hurt. Her quick recovery from the attack seems to say "Silly attacker, don't you know I'm a girl and that doesn't hurt me there?" This brings in shades of female empowerment and fanservice.

I think these differences are significant enough that female groin attack victims deserve their own subtrope. What do you think?
06:46:48 AM Nov 11th 2012
01:28:50 PM Mar 11th 2012
Does anyone know the name of the Kim Possible fic at the bottom?
02:55:45 PM Jan 20th 2012
My humorous name for it is "the Nestle Crunch"!
04:41:24 PM Aug 16th 2010
Not sure if I should add the target-of-opportunity attack in one recent film, as the moment is spoilable if I mention the name of the film in the clear. What is Troper consensus on that sort of thing?
09:08:15 AM Dec 27th 2010
You could always leave it off of the Groin Attack page, and list Groin Attack on the movie page.
05:59:31 PM Apr 10th 2010
Not funny in and of itself, the context makes it funny. Ever since I was cleated in the nads I've found it hard to laugh when a groin attack occurs.
08:20:31 AM Jun 23rd 2010
edited by AFP
I maintain that A guy taking a shot to the nuts is never funny. It is, however, on occasion, hillarious.

Honestly, a lot of it does depend on context and the people involved, not to mention the severity of the injury and their role in it. Stunt skating related nut shots (ie: dude on a skateboard racks himself on a stair railing) are always funny because the person brought it upon themselves (well, with a gravity assist).
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