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I think the Eye of Argon example should have stayed in the "comedy" section, because it was certainly funny, although unintentionally so.....

Sadistic Apathy: Would the Nihilists' threat to cut off The Dude's Johnson in The Big Lebowski count as comedic or not? It sure wasn't funny to The Dude...

dangerus: Changed some things for content and removed the link to the YouTube example — the owner pulled it off the site.

Cassius335: What was the Men in Black 2 example?

Phartman: Kay tries to kick one alien in the junk, but it doesn't work because it's a Ballchinian. When Jay reminds him of that fact, he pulls down the alien's scarf and uppercuts him in the scrotum hanging from his chin.

The article currently says: A recent comedy remake of a Shakespeare crossdressing plot had a girl crossdresser get hit with a very fast ball to the crotch, double over slightly without pain... realize she's supposed to feel pain, and start yowling "Oh... augh... it hurts...." The title of the movie is missing, but that's She's the Man, right?

Robert Bingham: I took the liberty of splitting the Groin Attack examples in two, since the list was getting rather long and there were a good number of non-funny examples of the trope to merit their own section on the page.

AKK: I remember the D&D-based(Ravenloft? It did feature Strahd) game Iron and Blood featured a female character who had a quarterstaff. She had this one move where she slammed it up between the legs of her opponent, and while it left male opponents writhing on the floor, it was absolutely useless against females(to the point of them taking 0 damage and acting as though nothing happened). This troper was disgusted at the blatant sexism and disregard for basic biological knowledge.

Seanette: Moved the RL example about the Bobbits to "non-comedy" (OK, there were a lot of jokes about it at the time, including plays on their last name, but still.....)

Smokie: This trope has to be named 'Nut crusher'

Phartman: I like Attack of the Groin better, but it's a clear and understandable title as is.

Kalle: Haha, where did that image come from? Poor Rinnosuke~

Seanette: Moved the RL example of the candiru to "non-comedy". Did someone honestly think that having a candiru lodged in an orifice qualifies as comedy, or was the person who added that example simply not paying attention to how the page is organized?
Question: I recall being told that a Groin Attack would likely just piss off a male attacker heavy on drugs (presumedly testosterone-enhancing, they just 'drugs' though). Does that seem likely?

Phartman: It could easily stop a fight before it starts, but in a real life or death struggle, you probably shouldn't count on a groin attack disabling an aggressor. Adrenaline masks pain, so even though he'll feel it once that wears off, it won't do much before that. Best to kick in his knee.
Seanette: Katsuhagi, are you having connect troubles? I keep having to put back stuff you cut, apparently accidentally. At least, I assume that when a cut hits in mid-sentence (or even mid-word) and removes index markup, that it's accidental.
Seanette: Harley, wouldn't it be a good idea to explain why you hatcheted so much of the page? The examples were perfectly reasonable.
Nohbody: I'm not female, nor am I a doctor, but I was under the impression that females did get the full effect from a shot "between the posts", as one of the examples puts it. Is this just ignorance on my part, or are people assuming that a lack of "dangly bits" means there's no nerves down there (y'know, where women tend to pop babies out of)?

Seanette: I'm not a doctor, but am female, and YES, a groin shot hurts a woman in real life. Fiction writers tend to not realize this (Most Writers Are Male), which I think is the point being made in discussion of this type of attack on a woman.

Nohbody: After re-reading the description, I notice I misread the part about the Real Life effect on females.

In other words, in the immortal words of Emily Litella: Never mind.
Kalle: There's a Bible quote for groin kicking? I have officially seen it all.

Man Without A Body: An example of Have a Gay Old Time, as it clearly refers to something else (probably a horse's spurs or something) but it's so hilarious I put it back after someone removed it.