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04:28:53 PM May 26th 2012
I feel this topic has way too much overlap with Palmtree Panic. They're the same types of zones, both organic and green, both usually meant to be introductory zones, it's just that Palmtree Panic has a beach in it.

They're even both named after Sonic levels. And the article admits there's a lot of overlap.

I feel like they should be merged.
04:45:34 PM Jul 7th 2010
Why is Emerald Hill Zone pictured instead of Green Hill Zone?
12:49:37 AM Jul 18th 2010
And what's more, why is this picture from a hack with Sonic 3's HUD and two ring counters? (looks like Sonic 2 Delta)
08:29:03 AM Jul 19th 2010
Yeah. Anyone got a Green Hill Zone NOT A HACK pic?