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07:24:54 AM May 14th 2012
What the hell (pun intended) is the visual difference between "bat wings" and "devil wings". I'm pretty sure bats were the inspiration for devil wings in the first place. I think they should just be merged and referred to as "bat wings" or "leather wings".
06:17:25 PM Apr 29th 2012
"Three sets of wings indicates an Eccentric Mentor"? Uh... What? Where?

I've seen it used as a symbol of authority (Since more wings=More authority), and I've seen it used frequently for angelic final bosses, but nothing in them indicates an Eccentric Mentor.
02:56:34 PM Apr 12th 2012
What about batlike wings with peacock feathers attached to them?*
06:23:42 PM Apr 29th 2012
Doesn't seem very common; I've personally never seen them.

Peacock feathers almost always represent pride and vanity. Bat wings tend to be used for evil characters or anti-heroes.
10:30:07 AM Dec 12th 2011
edited by fawn
Other kinds of wings are head or butt wings. I haven't seen them much, and I don't know what if anything they indicate.
08:42:24 PM Aug 19th 2011
edited by zero24
Not really an actual contribution, but this page sparked a memory:


I just thought the image made a good example.
11:53:01 AM Mar 26th 2011
About Kurthnaga: does this individual have bat wings or dragons wings? The former is evil-associated, the latter is not making the reference superfluous.
08:44:18 PM Oct 7th 2010
Another kind of wing not listed on this page is metal wings, like the one many robots in Gunnerkrigg Court have or the ones Hob has in the Hob storyline of Dresden Codak. I think (but am not sure) that it's a new thing, mostly in the past decade. Basically, I'm wondering if they should be added, but I'm not entirely sure because I don't know that they have many moral connotations.
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