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12:51:44 PM Sep 7th 2012
I live in glasgow, and i've only ever heard it called a glasgow smile (similar to the newcastle smile). Should the title be changed?
01:16:24 PM Sep 7th 2012
It's a redirect. No need to change the name, as that's a lot of bother.
11:09:55 PM Nov 24th 2011
"Generally, characters with Glasgow grins tend to be evil or insane. If it is a protagonistic character who is not a villain, it also just shows that they are somewhat of a dark character."

Just wondering: are there any examples where it's the Token Good Teammate (or a character who's jaded, but not necessarily dark), and they end up with this as a result of Cold-Blooded Torture?
04:56:48 PM Aug 11th 2011
Not sure about the Mortal Kombat example; when saying he put an "ear to ear" smile on Sonja's partner, was he not talking about cutting his throat?
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