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04:17:23 PM Jun 2nd 2017
What happens if it's the good or neutral side allying with demons, eldritch abominations, and/or undead? (Proposed title: US Army Corpse)
05:01:45 PM Mar 5th 2016
"Many people believe" that the nazis were very bad? I mean, true, and I don't know how to reword it non-awkwardly, but the way it's written now sounds like it's trying to avoid objectively calling nazis bad, which is kinda silly. I don't think it NEEDS to be changed, but it's kinda distracting the way it is right now. Maybe replace it with something talking about how the trope comes about through putting nazis into more fantastical settings or making them more supervillainy idk.
02:28:59 PM Nov 19th 2011
Anyone ever think that the popularity of this trope has something to do with how ridiculously easy it is to create? I'm working on a novel that uses it, and found that the actual castle the SS used for training and "cultic" (as far as I can tell meaning "highly ritualized and esoteric") fits perfectly as a castle I had created whole cloth before even knowing about Wewelsberg.
03:02:19 PM Oct 6th 2011
  • The Laundry Series actually encompasses an entire hierarchy of gibbering, otherworldly horrors. The most recent book has, among others, The Sleeper in the Pyramid on the Dead Plateau (which needs constant observation to be kept sleeping and must not awaken, not ever, or else!), and the Black Pharaoh, Nyar lath'Hotep. That one.

True, but has nothing to do with this trope.
09:52:28 AM Mar 5th 2010
Wouldn't Geistapo have been a better name for the pseudo-German street cred?
03:04:20 PM May 3rd 2011
edited by DialgaX
Restored the section on Sabaton.

These are the lyrics to Ghost Division:

Fast as the wind The Invasion has begun Shaking the ground With a force of 1000 guns

First in the line of fire First into hostile land Tanks leading the way Leading the way

Charging the lines with a force of a furious storm Fast as the lightning phantom's swarm 200 miles at nightfall taken within a day Thus earning their name, earning their fame

They are the Panzer Elite Bound to compete Never retreat [Ghost Division] Living or dead Always ahead Fed by your dread

I feel that while the last line appears to semi-symbolic, it still counts as it gives the Nazis control over the supernatural, which is what this trope is about.
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