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11:37:15 AM Jun 13th 2016
edited by NovemberLima
I feel like Bravely Default is referencing this. Barras Lehr, the monk character, has a penchant for "frontal assault". He even says: "There are only two tactics a real warrior needs! Frontal assault, and death by frontal assault!". Combine this with the numerous tongue-in-cheek puns and plain innuendos he and his partner Holly Whyte share. Even more, the last skill from the monk class, obtained by beating him, is "Natural Talent", which doubles attack if the user wears nothing. Worth a mention, right?
12:32:40 PM Jun 13th 2016
Not super likely... if he said "full frontal" that'd be something, but "frontal assault" is a phrase that solely has combat meanings and nothing to do with nudity. It's only "full frontal" that has connotations of nudity, due to the phrase "full frontal nudity."
07:01:05 AM Feb 23rd 2014
The woad plant (Isatis tinctoria) has absolutely no psychoactive properties. It is considered safe according to contemporary technical EU safety norms for dyes, as it is still used in some parts of Germany. Maybe author of the note mistook the woad for indigo that was deemed poisonous by the some European governments that tried to suppress the introduction of foreign product (Indigo is imported from Asia) and thus protect their share of the dye market.
11:15:00 AM Feb 23rd 2014
Aye. Feel free to remove that bullet point.
01:06:22 AM Jul 1st 2012
Can we uses Mistress Centipede as the trope picture?
01:40:51 AM Jul 1st 2012
Provide a SFW link and take that to the Image Pickin' forum.
10:26:32 AM Aug 27th 2013
The Lucy Pic is way safe for work than the current pic
09:44:29 PM Sep 3rd 2013
Thing is, the Lucy pic doesn't make it abundantly clear that there's actually a fight going on.
05:48:00 PM Nov 10th 2013
Man, I have to say, I really like the current pic. It's just... wonderful.
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