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08:36:46 AM Apr 2nd 2017
  • Japanese society encourages child independence from a young age, with children as young as seven riding the train to school by themselves. There's even a popular, long-running (27 years!) television show where kids as young as three and four are secretly filmed running their first errands for their parents. This is rather justified by Japan's incredibly low crime rate, and the cultural assumption that a child can safely ask any adult for help.

General examples are not allowed.
08:28:58 AM Jan 24th 2011
edited by Cagliostro
"Naturally this being mainly American trope, in many other countries, even the first world ones (like Japan and Germany), this isn't even a trope — that's a fact of life. Kids in this countries are generally allowed much more freedom, and parents tend to worry much less about various dangers — even if there is more danger to them in US. "

... say what now? Speaking as a german - there are not many free-roaming second-graders out here. Got myself in serious trouble, when I went to the nearest town alone at the age of ten. Additionally, we surely have our own share of pedo hunts on this side of the pond. There is a cheesy tv-show, initiated by the wife of the secretary of defense, called "Innocence in Danger" ... exactly what it says on the tin.
01:45:31 PM Mar 12th 2011
And if this is true about Japan then why are there so many anime examples?
04:23:16 PM Mar 12th 2011
edited by MagBas
...hmm...i guess the inspiration to this bit in the description were the real life examples in this page. Really, considering Free-Range Children is one Acceptable Break from Reality, if this is true, the japanese examples must be removed.
10:04:00 PM Nov 13th 2015
I grew up in Germany, and am again living there. OF COURSE children still run free. I see them daily. They play alone out in the streets and yards, there's a specific term "Schlüsselkinder" (latchkey child) even, and once they are 8-9 and able to use a bicycle securely, they are all over the place.

I think Cagliostro may have no idea how hysterical US Americans can get when they see a primary school age kid walking a street on its own, or that the Child Protection Services can initiate lawsuits against the parents, often ending in arrests and verdicts for neglect, as well as supervision.

I want to see one Jugendamt in Germany which fines, imprisons the parents or takes away a child for the simple fact of going home alone from school, driving the bicycle across the quarter or playing unsupervised away from home with other children! All such things happen in the USA, and are meant by these paragraphs.
01:05:03 AM Nov 14th 2015
I think discussion on whether the trope applies to RL is better served by On Topic Conversations.
04:29:30 AM Mar 18th 2010
The picture is Enid Blyton's Famous Five, am I right?
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