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Am I the only one who thought this had something to do with Treehouse of Horror?
Wacky Meets Practical: I've edited the example for the Pokémon anime as there appeared to be a lot of unnecessary natter concerning whether or not the Pokemon world is the real world or not, which I don't feel has anything to do with this trope at all.
Eric DVH: Removed the following:
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender does take place in an alternate world, but no one seems to be at all distressed at the idea of four kids under the age of 15 (two of whom are 12) surviving in the wild on their own during wartime. Sure, they'll occasionally receive aid from those who are loyal to the Avatar, but one really has to ask how they haven't starved to death in the weeks between cities, or died of exposure, etc.
I think ATLA is a rather odd fit for this trope. First off, it's during a war, so they're probably seen as typical refugees. Second, Aang nearly always introduces himself as The Chosen One almost immediately. Third, all but one of them are powerful sorcerersbenders, which is apparently very rare in Avatar's world.