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05:41:06 AM Mar 1st 2017
This page uses too many words. it seems to be an index, but thanks to a lot of words and lack of page navigation, it is a shitty index. And it isn't a proper analysis page because it doesn't have any analysis. Obviously, it is not a proper trope page.
06:38:00 AM Aug 2nd 2016
A while back (gosh, years now I reckon) I tried adding a 'merchant' to the Rarer Class Archetypes section of this page, only it to be removed. At the time I cut my losses and moved on, but now coming back later and seeing the additions to this page, I thought I might throw my hat back into the ring. Merchants and their variants specialize in gaining extra loot and gold after battle, haggling for better buying and selling prices, finding over-world resources and perhaps crafting them, and maybe even spending gold to deal extra damage. Maybe it'd be better as a rouge sub-type, but my opinion is that it is a legitimate archetype. Anyone have objections or any other additional comments?
06:44:21 PM Aug 24th 2011
From the article:

The Mime: Also known as the Mimic or the Blue Mage (gee, I wonder why).

Actually, I really do wonder why. The first two Final Fantasy games that had mimes (5 and 6) ALSO both had blue mage classes. Blue mages use enemy skills (on command, as regular magic) while mimics use skills from teammates (on command as transferrable skills in 6 and directly after a teammate used it in 5) They're distinct classes. I figure nobody that actually played either FF 5 or 6 would confuse them, hence the vague reference to Final Fantasy is more confusing than clarifying.
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