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09:21:21 AM Jan 10th 2012
1) This article woefully Needs More Examples (and maybe more wicks; it's only barely above 150 at the moment). I don't think this character type is that rare.

2) Is it possible to have a male version of the trope? Perhaps if it's a particularly "feminine" (or at least not really "masculine") boy?
10:11:14 AM Jan 22nd 2012
I'm not sure I understand why it's a gender-based trope. It seems to really just be about the "in-between" area for superpowers. Maybe it's most frequently female, but certainly not to the point of being Always Female, surely?
08:37:05 PM Jun 25th 2012
edited by GhostLad
I'm not even sure I understand the point of this trope. I take it the point is slightly superpowered characters, but A) several examples are just Badass Normal, and B) this hardly seems limited to just female characters. The Laconic entry also looks to have nothing to do with the main entry.
05:47:57 PM Oct 15th 2013
I'm 94% certain this trope was just written around Buffy's character and then other "examples" were added. It's really bad.
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