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05:02:48 AM Oct 19th 2012

Thread Mode from Team Fortress Re Heavy:
  • However, the fact that he has accepted that there is Always Someone Better speaks volumes for his intelligence, as well as his combat pragmatism when he decides to use his BOOLITS rather than his brain for those people. If you can't out-think them, out-shoot them.
  • It's also a stealth insult - a Russian proverb goes "Bullets are stupid".
  • By saying "maybe", he's basically implying he thinks there's a reasonably significant chance nobody can outsmart him. What he's saying is pretty much: a) he's aware people think he's dumb ("some people think they can outsmart me"), b) he considers himself at least as smart as most people ("maybe... maybe"), and c) he's still prepared to deal with someone smarter than he is (by using More Dakka).
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